A Note of Thanks and Support!

Hello Fellow Colleagues and Professor Horton,

This has been an amazing eight weeks. It feels like just yesterday we started our journey and today we are about to end it. However the knowledge I have gained will expound throughout my life. Thank you Dr. Horton for your inspirational words you have shared with me throughout this course. I have took them to heart and believe my conceptual knowledge has expanded in the early childhood field.

Thank you colleagues for your creativity in your blog posts that have each been an inspiration to me. I look forward to continuing my journey here at Walden University as I continue on my path towards my master’s degree in Teaching Adults in the Early Childhood Field.

I have enjoyed creating my blog assignments and hope that you were able to feel uplifted through my posts.

I wish each of you a delightful next term at Walden University and hope to participate in more courses with each of you.


 Have a marvelous journey as you continue to expand your knowledge in the early childhood field.

“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.”
– Ever Garrison




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One thought on “A Note of Thanks and Support!

  1. Tammy, it has been an excellent experience being in this class with you and following your blog. Thank you for sharing and for encouraging me as we blazed through this course. The time really did fly past! I look forward to making it to the end with you my friend!


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