Childbirth in Your Life and Around the World

As I think about the journey I took with each of my children from conception through birth I decided to share my third child’s birth experience. I had each of my children eighteen months apart and was blessed with a boy then a girl and my third child was a boy. My first son was a sweetheart who had severe Asthma and I spent much of his first five years in the hospital because of his Asthma attacks. My daughter was born healthy and active and she was a wonderful vibrant child. Then I found out I was pregnant again and I prayed hard for a healthy child. My pregnancy went well up until the seventh month when my blood pressure went high and my feet and hands started swelling and I developed gestational diabetes. Scott was a huge baby and the doctors were debating how big he would be when he was born. They were all sad when they had to induce my labor at eight months because I had preeclampsia. Scott was born after 48 hours of labor and his cord had tightened around his neck. My doctor was able to loosen the cord and deliver him. He was blue and had an irregular heart beat however within several hours he was breathing well and wanting to eat. Because he was born early his skin under his arm was open and I had to keep it propped up to help it to heal. His skin was so soft and his eyes weren’t completely open until several days later.  However to me he was perfect and I was so glad that both of us were healthy and alive. He was 10 pounds and 7 ounces and 22 and ½ inches long which for a premature birth was amazing. God is so good and I have been so blessed with an amazing family. I am so grateful to my husband for his support throughout each of my children’s birth experiences.

My grandmother’s mom and dad were from Russia so I chose to find out how their birth experiences happened. Sad to say births in Russia are miserable according to writer Stephanie Simone. The maternity wards are dirty, have a lack of good equipment and the staff aren’t very personable. The husbands were not able to support their wife’s during labor or even spend time with their newborn. The mother didn’t have their OBGYN that she developed a relationship with during pregnancy and she wasn’t allowed any family during labor. Because of Health Ministry regulations the mother must lay on her side when she breast feds (Simone, 1996). The birth houses in Russia are stifling, scary and dangerous (Simone, 1996). Many mothers die due to uncontrolled bleeding and infections because of childbirth (Simone, 1996).

On the other hand I read in another article from the Midwifery Today the Heart and Science of Birth magazine/website (Perkhova, Nazarova, 2017) that having babies at home brings about a family atmosphere of love. In the Soviet Union the natural parenting at home was closed, like a secret knowledge (Perkhova, Nazarova, 2017). However Perkhova and Rebenok thought about creating this magazine after their second child was born at home. They have provided much information to allow others to also have home births and their goal is to make resources more accessible for expecting parents to give them choices for their child’s delivery (Perkhova, Nazarova, 2017).

I understand why my great-grandparents choose to defect to America with their children to start a better life. My great-grandmother died during childbirth as they were crossing the border to America. My grandmother was always proud to be an American and everyone who knew her felt her excitement. We are truly blest to live in this country.

As I gave birth to each of my children the hospital procedures were different. My labor was in the labor room, then I was wheeled to a delivery room, then I went to the recovery room and then I was put into a patient room on the maternity ward. My grandchildren were born in the same room their mothers were in labor, delivered, and their entire stay in the hospital. Many mothers today choose to have their children at home in their own environment. I was preparing to have a midwife for my third child’s home delivery however due to health conditions I needed a hospital. I think it would be a wonderful experience to have a child a home and before hospitals all children were birthed at home. There are many people that feel that the hospital is the way to go and others that feel you should have your child at home. I believe it should be what is in the best interest of the child. Have a marvelous day!



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3 thoughts on “Childbirth in Your Life and Around the World

  1. Tammy thank you for sharing your birth story. How premature was your son? He was a big boy compared to my premature twins. They were born at 31 weeks and weighed 4.5 0z and 5.11 oz. You also speak proudly about your immigrant family that came to this country from Russia. Your family is blessed and im certain that they are appreciative of all that this country offered them.I can’t imagine giving birth in a Russian hospital. The description sounds horrific.


    1. Hello Sylvia,
      I appreciate you responding to my post. My son was 32 weeks. My grandmother was a wonderful lady and I learned so much from her. She radiated love and a passion for life and I like to think that I obtained some of her characteristics. Have a marvelous week!


  2. We are truly blessed to have a choice when it comes to our deliveries, we can choose to have a home birth, water birth, or deliver in the hospital. It saddens me that so many women are not cared for properly during and after bring a human being into the world, I believe they should receive the BEST care and be held at a higher regard.


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