Daily Supports



To me the word support means a person or persons that go through life supporting me with patience and love.



My husband has been my support throughout our marriage. He supported me when our son had severe health issues and I had to spend many hours at the hospital. Then when I opened my daycare center he supported me by purchasing a building for me and helping me with the construction and remodeling to open. Then when I closed my center he supported me when I returned to college to go for my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood, and now that I have continued on toward my Master’s Degree he continues to support me in my studies. He never complains when I don’t have time to cook and he has to decide what we will have for dinner. He supports me even when I am so busy with work and school that we aren’t able to go to a family outing. He loves my passion for children and he wants me to pursue my dreams. I have been married to this amazing man for 37 years and I couldn’t imagine being without him. I love him with all of my heart and he loves me too.


The next people that are a great support to me are my children and grandchildren. They are always there when I need a good listening ear. When I can’t get the housework done because of my busy schedule my daughter comes to the rescue and cleans my house. When the yard starts to get long my grandchildren come over and mow it. If my car brakes down any of my children will come and pick me up. I have a marvelous family and they give me support and love on a daily basis.


My colleagues are a wonderful support system. My co-worker is consistently helping me keep organized. She has a knack for office work and keeps me on task. I appreciate her and we make a great team. My director is positive and supportive and always has a listening ear which I am truly grateful for. I have been blessed with awesome teachers and staff that are always willing to lend a hand for projects or extracurricular activities. I am a better teacher because of their support.


I am imagining that my challenge is I lost my hands in a car accident. I need to bath, get dressed, eat, go to work, and take care of my family. I will need support with my special needs however, I want to be able to take care of myself. My doctor is my support as he gives me guidance about my options physically. Should I look into prosthetic hands or have physical therapy to strengthen my arms or both. My family is my support as they provide positive feedback as I go through frustration and stress deciding what my best options are. Then I need transportation to get me to my appointments because I no longer can drive or ride a bike. So I need my family and friends to support me driving me around. I also need help eating because I can’t lift a fork or spoon to my mouth. My other option would be to eat with my mouth by putting my face into my food. That isn’t an option I want to pursue. So I will need my family or caregiver to feed me until I figure out how I can do it myself. We really don’t know what tomorrow will hold, and are lives can change in an instant. So having family, friends, and a supportive community can be of great value to us. Have a fantastic week!


One thought on “Daily Supports

  1. I think many people underestimate the workload when it comes to early childhood education. Your husband seems amazing and an incredible support to you and your career. My husband is very similar. He’s usually home from work hours before I am and he also cooks dinner on a regular basis. I usually work 9-10 hour days and my children attend my center with me. My incredible husband picks them up from my center every day when he gets off work so that they don’t have to spend such long days away from home. And he STILL manages to cook dinner. 🙂


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