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I choose to share the NAEYC website, because I have been a member for years and it has a wealth of information that I enjoy researching on a weekly basis. As a member, I receive the “young child publication” as well as the “teaching young children” magazine. You can choose one of these magazines just for joining and add the other if you choose to purchase it. You also can take advantage of the archives of previous articles that have been written by scholarly professionals that have a great wealth of information on the early childhood field to share. As an early childhood, professional, you are able to become involved in state, local and national leadership opportunities ( as well as participate in the young professional advisory council ( These are wonderful ways to advocate for the young children we serve.

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I also love the NAEYC Family website: as well as their blog where families can put in their insight into parenting. I give this website information to my parents to give them more knowledge on their questions and just to have fun researching.



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There were two interesting blog postings that I wanted to share one was called I encourage you to look up this blog. It is about a new dad who wanted to talk to other dads about their experiences so he began this blog.

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The other blog I chose was called Do we stare at different people because they look or talk different.? Read this blog and you will learn from the parent’s viewpoint how it feels to see other people state at your child.

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I have had experience in having people stare at my son who has severe asthma. When he was young we would go out to eat and sometimes he would start coughing severely and wheezing do to his asthma and many people would give us dirty looks. I never cared for those looks and I always felt that I was explaining my son’s condition to these people which can get extremely tiring after a while.

The NAEYC is also known for their code of Ethical Conduct and their NAEYC Standards which you can find on the website. I try to apply these standards and ethics in my profession as an early childhood educator. They were created to guide and help us give quality early childhood care to our children and families we serve. I keep a copy of these standards in my classroom and go to them regularly when I have a question or an ethical situation I need guidance on. The NAEYC also has an online store as well as conferences which I hope to attend next year. If you haven’t used this web resource I would encourage you to do so. Have an extraordinary week!



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