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Retrived from NAEYC:

The NAEYC is an organization that I have been a member of for many years. You can become a member as a student in college or as a professional. Their website has many facets that bring a wealth of information to both the early childhood educator and the families of young children. I receive emails from them several times a week. The NAEYC has a weekly forum that as a member you can be apart of,. This is where you can talk with other early childhood educators about different topics. It is a great way to have questions answered and to share your experiences with other early childhood educators.

Retrived from:

They have a wealth of knowledge for early childhood families on their family website: that I give to my families I teach and I use many of the articles on their site when answering my parents questions to give further documentation of their question.

The NAEYC also wrote the NAEYC standards that I have a copy of and use in my work on a daily basis. I can always go to their archives that have years of publications of the “Young Child” magazine or the


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