Professional Goals, Hopes and Dreams

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Issues early childhood educators face in Arizona:

Some of the issues we face regarding quality and early childhood professionals are the lack of education and the resources available to fund the overall needs in the early childhood field. In Arizona we have Quality First which “is an effort that significantly improved the quality of many – but not all – early childhood care and education centers and family childcare homes, through a rating system, increasingly sophisticated feedback and incentives. The program also uses scholarships to make early care affordable for some youngsters.”

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“The government has an important role to create an aspirational environment of leadership for the overall system of high-quality early care and education by providing regulatory oversight, coordination, vision, and funding. Ideally, federal, state, county, school district, city, and town governments and tribal governments work together to set goals for early childhood education in the state in order to sew Arizona’s patchwork system into a cohesive quilt. The Arizona Constitution requires that the Legislature provide a general and uniform public education system. As such, the government should prioritize early childhood care and education, striving to make it accessible to all residents, and the community should encourage these goals and stress their importance. Overall, a more targeted role is needed at all levels of government to create a full continuum of care from pre-birth to adulthood.”

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As I just moved to Arizona 6 weeks ago I am very interested in the issues that we face here in Arizona as early childhood educators. These are some of the issues that are important in all states however, it is wonderful to know that Arizona is committed to bringing about change in the way they support the early childhood program.

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One opportunity for professional development in Arizona is:

We have the Arizona Registry that gives early childhood educators the opportunity to share their experience and education and allows others to see your job experience and education. “The Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry (Registry) is a web-based system that enables early childhood professionals and those interested in a career in early education to find and register for professional development opportunities and also to keep a record of their experience, education, professional development and credentials in a central location. It is also used to manage application and enrollment in First Things First College Scholarships for Early Childhood Professionals.” Retrieved from

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Another opportunity for professional development in Arizona:

There is also  Which is an “online program meets and exceeds the Council for Professional Recognition’s standards for CDA coursework.” This program is available to all interested early childhood staff and the Arizona Registry has scholarships for these classes that if you live in Arizona you can apply for them. Arizona registry also has scholarships to help with education of college in the early childhood field if you are within the income level. Retrieved from

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Some of my professional goals are:

  • To continue my education to receive my Masters Degree in Early Childhood.
  • Live by and uphold the NAEYC standards. (Found at
  • Always be willing to learn and grow in the early childhood field.
  • Support my families and the children I serve.
  • Support my colleagues and the program I represent.
  • Continue to research and study the theorists and studies conducted on early childhood.
  • Be professional in all I do and say.

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Some of my hopes, dreams and challenges are:

  • Teaching classes to future early childhood educators.
  • Stay focused on loving and supporting the families I serve.
  • Continuing to work for Head Start and help bring joy to the community I live in through service and dedication.
  • Continue on toward my doctorate once I complete my Master’s Degree.
  • Health is always a challenge however since I have lost 100 pounds this year my energy and health have improved 100%.

God is my strength and my refuge with his help I can succeed. Have a marvelous week!





6 thoughts on “Professional Goals, Hopes and Dreams

  1. Hi Tammy,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and it was very informative explaining about the issues facing early childhood educators in Arizona and the pictures that I viewed were great too. I see that some of our views and aspirations are the same and I want to give you a salute in improving your health. Wishing you much success in achieving your goal of obtaining your Masters and Doctorate degree.


    1. Hello
      Thank you for responding to my blog. I think it is awesome that our views and aspirations are the same. We are early childhood educators working towards the same goals. I look forward to continuing our journey together here at Walden. Have a marvelous week!


  2. Great Post, a community like arizona’s that lacks something so precious to the children, we need to step up and support each other as a community. In Hawaii we face the same issue, especially Hilo. We have so few early childhood education programs, which the demand is so high that the school take advantage and raise the prices too high where the cost of early childhood does not match the household income. For our hopes, dreams, and goals, we must keep and continue to strive, it might inspire others to follow and resolve early childhood education issues.


    1. Hello Desiree,
      I believe that each of us face issues and trends that we must work within. I valued your statement “For our hopes, dreams, and goals, we must keep and continue to strive, it might inspire others to follow and resolve early childhood education issues.” I am 100% with you. Have a marvelous week!


  3. Amen Tammy! God is able.
    Thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams in such an easy to read manner. I like the initiative by the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry (Registry) and find it to be very forward thinking in its bid to help professionals to develop to their full potential. It sounds similar to the work done by the Early Childhood Commission in Jamaica.
    Way to go on meeting your weight loss goal. I know you can do it! You need to realise the best you and the best is yet to come.


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