Research that Benefits Children and Families

My son David suffers from severe Asthma and has from the time he was born. He was in the hospital more than home his first five years of life. He was there so much that they kept his name on the door. This isn’t how any child wants to spend their life however; my son took it in stride and made jokes about it as he grew up. However, I will never forget when he was fifteen and had only been out of the hospital for a week and my daughter was celebrating her birthday at the skating rink. David wanted to go and told me that I couldn’t keep him in a bubble forever. He know he could die yet he still wanted to live. I cried and let him go to celebrate with his sister. He had a wonderful time however when he arrived home he was having a severe asthma attack so I gave him an injection and he continued to get worse. On top of that it was snowing hard and it was hard to see when you drove so my husband took him to the hospital and I stayed home with my children and my daughters friends. This was hard because I always went to the hospital with David. The drive was horrible and my son went into unconsciousness on the way to the hospital. My husband was afraid he would die yet he couldn’t drive faster. When they arrived at the hospital David wasn’t breathing and they had to incubate. He was revived however, the doctors said he was in critical condition and they weren’t sure if he would make it. When my son woke up he asked for me and my husband called me and let me talk to him. He asked me to write out want he wanted done at his funeral. He told me that he loved me and he wanted me to be happy.

David made it through the night and his pulmonologist came to see him the next morning and told us of a new drug that was in a research study and David was a good candidate to be in the study. He felt that it was a chance to see if David responded to the drug and could help his asthma improve. We talked to David about it and he was willing to try it. He was on a participant in the study for one year and within that time we saw a complete change for the better in our son’s health. He went down from 15 medications to 4 medications and was able to resume his life. The drug made it through the trial and study and was approved and is today being used on children with moderate to severe asthma as a preventative. Normally it is only used on young children however; my son was an exception to the role. David is still on this medication today and he is the proud father of three children and has a wonderful wife named Trish. I thank God every day that my son’s pulmonologist thought of David for this trial study.


My family means everything to me and I thank God every day that David is here with us.

Have a marvelous week!


One thought on “Research that Benefits Children and Families

  1. Hello Tammy,
    Inspiring Post it is wonderful to hear a great story that research was able to elevate a few issues. My husband has asthma and has suffered his entire life. It is now controlled with medication in his adult life and he lives a full life with limited restrictions. Thank the lord of research and good doctors.
    Melodi Cashio


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