Perspectives on Diversity and Culture

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As I spoke to different people about culture this week I was told that culture is ‘A set of traditions, beliefs, and concepts that bind individuals together.’

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This can be seen when people who really enjoy football are joined together in football culture.

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This can also be seen when different people who really enjoy classical music such as Beethoven are joined together in classical music culture.

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Another person I interviewed talked about the importance of family in her culture. They do everything together. She was raised poor however they always were having family gatherings that were like parties where everyone danced and ate together. They didn’t have a great deal to eat yet they were happy and grateful for all they had. She said that since they moved here from Mexico she misses the family gatherings and the joy she felt. She said it was also a slower paced environment and she liked always being around family.

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Another definition I received about culture was that ‘it is a part of you and your innate beliefs.’ One thing I didn’t here as I did my interviews was about dominant culture. However; I believe the people I interviewed gave some powerful statements about culture and diversity and what they meant to them.


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I believe that my own definition of culture and diversity has been enhanced as I continue to think about these topics. I believe that everyone is unique and distinct individuals and our culture and diversity is a part of each of us.  My family and my faith are an innate part of me and my culture yet many other people believe in their family and their faith also. We may all do it differently however; we are all a part of a family and faith culture. I believe that we need to delve deeper into understanding every aspect of diversity and culture so we can learn and grow from one another. Have a marvelous week!


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