Welcoming Families From Around the World


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I chose my Family’s country of origin to be China.

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The first way I will prepare myself culturally for my family from China is I went online and studied about Chinese Culture. I found out that the Family is the cornerstone of the Chinese culture. Having several generations under one roof is common. The head of the family is the oldest relative living in the home.

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I learned that having more than one child isn’t as stringent as it used to be, however most parents still chose not to have more than 2 children.

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The second way I will prepare myself is I will learn some simple words in Chinese so I can say simple words to my student and their family.

家庭 – Family

你好吗?- How are you?

你叫什么名字?- What is your name?

 I think the creativity and beauty of this language is amazing.

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The third way I will prepare myself is to learn about Chinese holidays and traditions in China such as the Chinese New Year which is of great significance to the families  and is celebrated with parades, food, and many other festivities.

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The fourth way I will prepare myself is to learn about schools and China and how they teach their children compared to the ways we teach our children here in the United States.

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The fifth way I will prepare myself is to learn about different activities the families do together in China so I can be supportive and encourage them to participate in activities that we offer in the school and the community.

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As I prepare myself for this new family from China I hope to create a cultural classroom where the family feels a since of trust, support, and belonging. I want them to know that I am here to support them and their child and want them to feel free to share their culture, and language with the other children in our class.

Have a marvelous week!


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