What is Communication?


When I think of communication I think about my husband Jim. My husband is an awesome communicator who taught me and my children how to communicate with one another. When I first meet my husband I was extremely shy and had a rough time talking and sharing my feelings. My husband on the other hand was an outgoing, confident, individual who enjoyed talking and laughing and having fun. When I first met him I steered clear of him because I thought he was too outgoing and he intimidated me. However, the more I watched him with other people the more I wanted to get to know him better. I am so glad I did because we have been happily married for 37 years and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without his support and his outgoing personality.


One thing that brought my family closer together was having family dinners together. I still remember the fun we would have at family dinner time. We would talk about each-others day and have family discussions about anything that needed to be discussed. However; the best part was the love and joy that was felt as we spent time together. I am so grateful to my husband who went out of his way to make sure he was home each night for family dinner. Our children who are now grown have family dinners together because of the impact family dinners had on them during their growing up years.


As I continue my work as an early childhood educator I enjoy reminiscing and talking about the experiences I had with my own children around the family table and it brings me great joy to know that my students are receiving the experience of family dining in the classroom. I love to hear my families talk about the fun their children have communicating at family dining at school as we eat. I encourage my students to talk about what they did at home or what they plan to do at home and it gives me the opportunity to hear what their interests are at home and how their family spends time together. I also value hearing stories from my families as they tell me about how they spend time with their own family around the table because of their children’s experience at school during family dining. Have a fantastic week!


2 thoughts on “What is Communication?

  1. Hi Tammy,
    It sounds like your husband brought you out of your shell and that you two have been a great fit together! Congrats on 37 years together! That is such an accomplishment! I love that your family was able to have family dinners together and that your children are now continuing that tradition. I think that it is really important for families to just spend time together minus all the technology that is now out there. Great to be in another class with you!


    1. Hello Mary,
      I appreciate you responding to my Blog. You are so right not only did my husband bring me out of my shell he also taught me the wonderful experience of having a dynamic family. He came from a family who had healthy communication whereas I came from a dysfunctional family that didn’t communicate well. Yet with his willingness to love and support me I am an early childhood educator who is passionate about helping my families succeed. Family dinners were a new experience to me and I cherish the memories of these special times together with my family. I am so excited to have you in my group. You have so much experience and insight to share with me. Have a fantastic week!


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