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This week I watched “Baby Daddies” on Netflix to complete this blog assignment. I watched it first without sound which wasn’t as easy to understand as watching it with sound. In the TV program there were three men who I was under the impression that they were roommates and a baby was left at their door. Their expressions showed how shocked they were and they seemed unsure of what to do. So one of the men brought the baby into the apartment and found a letter in the car seat with the baby. As the man started reading the letter he handed it to another man which I assumed was the daddy because his face was showing a stunned expression. He was unwilling to pick u[ the baby and handed the car seat to the shorter man. He then opened the door and a girl came in and hugged him. He seemed surprised to see her however; he encouraged her to stay and gave her the baby. At first she shook her head no and then she took the baby and changed her and from the body language she gave two of the men went to the store to buy supplies for the baby while the other stayed and helped her with the baby. The guys at the store were searching the aisles for baby food and other supplies. The one man started trying the baby food. There was a African American lady who was in the baby isle who handed them a bunch of baby supplies. They purchased them and went back to the apartment. The interaction seemed funny and the men had no idea how to take care of a baby (Netflix, 2018).

After watching the TV show without the sound I re-watched it with the sound and it made more since the second time I watched it. Two of the men were brothers and the other one was a friend and roommate. I think he was Korean however; I could be wrong. He was the most familiar with babies and was the most willing to take care of the baby. One of the brothers was tall and the other was medium height. The medium height guy was the father. He decided to give up his rights for the child and told his mother this news. Mom agreed and supported him in this decision. However; the taller brother could since that he really didn’t want to give up the baby he was just afraid that he couldn’t do a good job. So when he medium height brother was left alone with the baby he wouldn’t pick up the baby so he called his brother, his girlfriend, and his friend to come home and take care of the baby. When the brother arrived he heard his brother talking to the baby and he decided to leave him alone so he could bond with the baby. The girlfriend arrived and the brother told her to not go in and let the brother bond with the baby. So she stayed with the other brother in the hall and listened to the interaction between the baby and the dad. The other roommate arrived and also was informed to allow the brother to bond with his little girl and he to stayed in the hall and listened to the communication between the father and his daughter. They all ended up falling asleep and sleeping until morning in the hall. They then went into the apartment to find daddy and daughter happy and well. The dad decided to keep the baby and the three men became baby daddies. This was a cute TV sitcom that I had never watched before. The interaction was comical and heartwarming. The “aha” moment would be when the brother, roommate, and the girlfriend came into the apartment in the morning and found the other guy happy and willing to take on the role as dad to his daughter (Netflix, 2018).

Retrieved from

This was a fun assignment that taught me so much about body language and nonverbal communication. You really have to be focused on the people you are watching to truly get an accurate picture of what is going on. Have a marvelous week!



           Netflix,  (2018). Baby Daddies, Retrieved from


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