Team Building and Collaboration

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As I think about the five stages of team development I have been blessed this year to have a wonderful group of people on the team I work with. We will complete our time together on May 16, 2018 and then I will go on to a different job teaching Kindergarten this fall. The adjourning of this group will be sad however; I will take so much with me to help me in my new job. Because we did hit the performing stage which consists of working together daily as a team we strengthened our relationships that were built on trust and respect. I know that during the adjourning stage we will continue to stay in touch and let each other know how we are doing (Abidi, 2010).

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Another team was a part of was my daycare business and the wonderful staff and families I worked with. These fellow colleagues became more then colleagues they became like family to me. I worked with many of them throughout the 16 years that I owned and operated my business. We had weekly team meetings and daily updates on the families and children. My staff came to me when they needed assistance or were concerned about something. We worked together to stay focused on our families and make sure we were providing the recourses and services they needed. We did have our disagreements however; with the forming stage where we had developed a trusting and respectful relationship the norming stage was used to work together on the disagreements and to come out on top of the situation. The adjourning stage which consisted of good-byes was hard however; the family relationships that were gained are still very special to me. I continue to hear from my families I worked with and have even been invited to weddings and graduations. My fellow colleagues have stayed in touch and I love to hear about their children and grandchildren. Before we closed we had a big celebration to look back at the wonderful experiences we shared with one another. It was a great day and my staff, families and children were a part of this celebration. Tears were exchanged yet they were tears of joy and happiness. I will never forget the fun we had together (Abidi, 2010)

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As I began my journey towards my Master’s Degree here at Walden University I looked forward to working towards building trusting supportive relationships with my fellow colleagues. Each class has been a marvelous experience of learning and growing with my fellow colleagues because each of us brings a unique background that brings diverse insight and experience that each of us can gain from. I believe we each have a common goal of wanting to be knowledgeable early childhood educators who have a passion for working with families and children. As we part and go our separate ways our adjourning will be a step towards each of our goals to be the early childhood educators we set out to become. Our knowledge and experience we have gained from one another will away be remembered. We may not stay in touch however we will have celebrated together throughout our journey and the trust and respect we gained for one another will be a part of us in our future endeavors. I value each of you and I am so grateful for the trust and support each of you has given to me. I look forward to completing this course with each of you and finishing our journey together. (Abidi, 2010).
Have a fantastic week!

           Abidi, G.(2010). The five stages of team development: A case study. Retrieved fromhttp://www.

One thought on “Team Building and Collaboration

  1. It is great to hear that you have had so many positive experiences in being part of a team. I am glad that you are still able to keep in touch with many of them! I agree that even the people that I won’t necessarily keep in touch with, still have had an impact on me. Great post!


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