Time Well Spent

My time here at Walden University has been an amazing experience that I will forever treasure. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in the Early childhood field. The concepts that I will continue to use are the importance of communication, I need to think of each of my students as unique individuals that deserve my full attention to their abilities, cultures, beliefs, and life beyond the classroom. I need to support each of my students and give them the opportunity to share their experiences, insight and knowledge.

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I have learned the importance of research and how it can help me in my studies. It gives me the ability to advocate for the families I serve and helps me to build my knowledge on early childhood.

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I have grown tremendously with the thought and practice I have put to use to advance my understanding of why I began my Master’s degree in Early Childhood. I continue to be passionate about working with the families of young children I serve and I go above and beyond to encourage them to succeed. I have developed a more though understanding of why I want to advocate for families with young children.  All young children deserve quality early childhood programs however; many are unable to attend such programs. I want to make a difference and advocate for all families to have their young children in quality early childhood programs.

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My long term goal is to continue on my path of education and complete my doctorate degree in early childhood and to teach college to people who want to teach early childhood. I look forward to continuing on my path of learning. I want to thank my fellow colleagues who have been an inspiration to me throughout this program. Your insight, experience and constitutive criticism has been well received and appreciated. I especially want to thank each professor I have had throughout my masters degree program. You have each taught me so much and I am deeply grateful for your input and understanding. Walden University has amazing professors and staff that are there to make our job as students a little easier. Dr. Dartt I want to thank you for helping me to think beyond the box and stretch myself further to enhance my thinking skills.

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I wish my fellow colleagues a marvelous future filled with new direction and promise. You are each unique awesome individuals who are going to make a difference in this ever changing world. I feel privileged to know each of you. You wish you all the best!

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